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Dry vacuum pumping equipment


The multistage dry vacuum pump of DXJM and DXJH series, take the most advantage of the multistage roots pump and the claw type dry vacuum pump, by using the suction principle of combining roots and claw type rotor and the optimum combination of the multistage rotor, so they can get the larger the actual pumping speed in a wide pressure range to implement efficiency the vacuum environment.

High cleanliness of vacuum environment

     The structure of the innovative design use the latest generation technique of double cantilever beam and motorized spindle drive, so it ensure the internal contact with vacuum completely without oil from the structure, then can reduce the technique risk of oil pollution due to seal failure. At the same time, the physical isolation of vacuum cavity and lubricating oil box avoid the oil pollution by the pumped gases containing particles, and achieve the extraction process high reliability of clean and pollution-free.

The whole machine with high reliability

     The physical isolation of vacuum cavity and lubricating oil box reduce the whole pump dependence of the key components, such as bearing and seal. At the same time, precision design of clearance and high accuracy of gears enhance the reliability of the whole machine through the system vibration source analysis and detection, and a special process. The pump body and the rotor adopting corrosion resistance materials and anti corrosion process can meet the strict requirements under strong corrosion environment and long-term high temperature operation, so the machine have high reliability.

Stable running performance

    The machine aims at the extreme process environment, such as the frequent aeration, strong impact, strong corrosion and high temperature. The independent research and development on the pump motor that realize the full range output of strong torque and high speed and high impact, so that we can ensure the pump to work under the stable pumping speed and ultimate vacuum.

Adaptive intelligent control

   Using the latest generation of the smart control technology, such as dry pump body measurement and control, temperature pulse self-adjusting, process gas control, and variable frequency regulating adaptive, etc, it realize the adaptive intelligent control of the process, such as the suction performance, working power, dry gas seal, temperature protection, constant pressure adjustment, anticorrosive anti coagulation, particles of ejector and energy conservation and efficiency, etc.

Process safety

   Through self-built thousand grade clean room, and the actual test study on the 20 many kinds of extraction process, we develop the standard extraction process expert database to provide the end users the operation methods of concise and easy to understand which adopt the one-click setting technology. At the same time, taking into account the needs of the high-end users for the process development, we design the development system of user-defined extraction process. The product meets the security requirements with design specifications; they have passed the certification of CE and SEMI S2.

Customer quality service

    In view of the customer process, we can provide customers with the solutions of the "one-stop" work style and system level of vacuum pump application, with the value-added services of vacuum pump attachment. We can solve the field application solutions for customers and provide technical training and quality after-services service.


Product principle

Multistage dry vacuum pump use the combination of the roots rotor and the claw type rotor, it make full use of characteristic that roots rotor extraction efficiency in low pressure area, claw type roots extraction efficiency in high pressure area. At the same time, it combines the characteristics, such as the short suction channel of the claw type rotor, and the compressed gas to generate heat, so its performance is much more advantage compared with the traditional simple claw type or simple roots vacuum pump.


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